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Multi Unit Dwelling

As building performance and solar power experts, we can vouch for the many benefits that solar power can have on your multi dwelling project. We work with a lot of multi dwelling project owners, ranging from assisted living to market-rate multifamily or mixed-use office spaces. Right now, we’re seeing a lot of interest in adding solar to multi dwelling projects.

With solar and high-performance building measures, you’ll be able to lower the monthly utility costs in your common areas. Another significant advantage of being more sustainable is added marketability, giving your project a shiny benefit in hot markets.


Comfort, Convenience , Security

Access Control Backup systems

Essential Power Backup

High Voltage safety rooms

Green Energy Compliant

Save money on your electrical tariffs

Avoid the rising cost going forward

Increase in property value

SSEG tariff benefits * Local Municipality Defendant

Viable return on alternate energy investment (3-8 years)

Tenant removable systems options available * Body corporate / Property Owner Authorized

Get switched on today!

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