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About Caltec Solar

We live to educate, inspire and enable South Africans to break free and be more energy efficient in their homes, businesses and communities.  Caltec Solar was born out of a need to change the energy status quo. With our over-reliance on fossil fuels, inconsistent power utilities and rising electricity costs, we knew a better solution was imperative.

Our Process

We’re are a team that cares about the environment and our planet, however simultaneously understand the frustrations that come with a risk in our country's energy supply, price hikes and rolling blackouts.. We combine engineering skills, design strategy uncompromised craftsmanship and dedicated client service. Considering your entire energy journey whether home or business related, we plan, design and implement the best solution for each client. 

Business People


We determine your exact requirements to ensure a solution that fits your energy needs and budget.

Design Estimate

Our engineers design your system to your specifications, aligned with global best-practice standards and affordability


An in-house team with a dedicated foreman install your system, ensuring it  operates perfectly

Best Practice

We commission trusted  electricians to ensure our installations comply with all applicable standards and regulations.

Start your solar journey
with us today!

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